Charles Sipe,
Frontend Web Developer in Seattle

Front End Developer in Seattle

With a background in military service and online marketing, I entered the web development industry with the long-term goal to pursue mastery of front-end web development through deliberate and disciplined practice.

My specialty within front-end web development is writing DRY and maintainable JavaScript code and using AngularJS to build interactive web applications that use a database or RESTful APIs. With a background in content marketing and search engine optimization, I can provide a unique blend of coding skills and business experience. I strive to continuously improve at my craft through the constant pursuit of knowledge and mentorship from senior developers.

As I near graduation of the Web Developer Certificate at Seattle University, I am currently pursuing full-time employment in a role as a front-end web developer.

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Sample Projects

Angular application coded from scratch utilizing Node.js, Firebase, Twitter API, Moz API, and Google Feed API. Github

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Survey Pop

Angular application for surveying apartment residents that displays survey results in the user dashboard. This app utilizes Firebase authentication and storage. Github

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Angular Chat

Chat room Angular application coded from scratch. Github

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Front-end developer for IoT water monitoring app that won 1st place at the T-Mobile IoT Hackathon. Github

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Operation Code

Open source contributions to the front-end of the Operation Code website. Github

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Destructing Task List

To-do list Angular application coded from scratch. Github

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Code Coach

Code Coach connects people who want to learn code with experienced coders who can help level up their coding skills through pair programming and mentorship.


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Unofficial Seahawks Facts

An Alexa skill that provides users with a random fact about the Seattle Seahawks. Available in the Amazon Alexa Skills store.


"Charles is one of the most dedicated, smart, and kind individuals that I have ever met. He has expert knowledge in SEO, web development, and web design. I had the pleasure of working closely with Charles and he always (and I mean always) exceeds expectations and delivers on time." -Young Truong, Providence Health

As an intern at NuWire, Charles was able to pick new things up very quickly and demonstrated great initiative. The thing I loved most about Charles is that was always looking to expand his knowledge base." -Eric Ames, Guidant Financial

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